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VB Real Estate Services

VB Real Estate Services

Österreichische Volksbanken-AG (VBAG) focuses its real estate activities under the umbrella brand VB Real Estate Services.

To restore sustainable profitability VBAG in early 2012 launched a comprehensive restructuring and split the business in its core business and non-core business.

VBAG as central institution of the association of Volksbanks is limited only to transactions with related compound: that is, the provision and procurement of products and services for local Volksbanks and their customers.

Investments, assets and portfolios do not constitute to core business and are reduced since the beginning of 2012 in an orderly, value preserving process. This includes the real estate business as well.

Within the VB Real Estate Services Group several sales already have been implemented.

Immo KAG, which was part of the former Real Estate segment, represents core business and was therefore allocated to the new Market division.

Real Estate Funds

Immo-KAG – Your wealth architect – remains the expert partner for real estate funds and offers everything from open real estate to special funds for institutional investors.



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VB Real Estate Services

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