Charter - Commitment to a sustainable corporate culture

We live responsibility

Volksbank AG as a central institution and regional Voklsbanks act according to cooperative principles. These values can be traced to the co-founder of the cooperative system, Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch. Part of our vision is a sustainable corporatae policy based on the pillars of economy, ecology and socal responsibility.

Sustainable develompment is the modern implementation of the cooperative principles. This means modern answers to current economic, ecological and social challenges that include all stakeholders. VBAG is contributing in all three areas for a more rapid change to a sustainable society.

Sustainable development is forward looking. It means adapting today to sicgnificant social, ecological and ecenomic trends. We are therefore convicted that vor VBAG, sustainable action is tied in the long term to economic success, as it

  • opens new market opportunities and promotes product innovations,
  • increases cost awareness, heightens risk awareness and saves ecological resources,
  • strengthens partnership with our stakeholders, increases customer satisfacion and loyalty and creates a higher identity value for our employees and
  • contributes to increased attractiveness for investors and institutional investors.


We welcome your queries, comments and suggestions. Please contact our sustainability officer if you want to comment our website.

Mirjam Ernst
Head of Corporate Marketing
Sustainability Officer
Tel: +43(0)504004-3686