Corporate news

  1. ECB comprehensive assessment | 26.10.2014

    Volksbank’s restructuring plan will now be specified

  2. Reorganisation of VBAG by its own efforts | 02.10.2014

    Splitting up VBAG will ensure the future of Volksbanks under new structures and will avoid any further burden on taxpayers

  3. New Chairman of Supervisory Board | 25.09.2014

    Dr Klaus Liebscher is the new Chairman of the VBAG Supervisory Board.

  4. VBAG sold Volksbank Malta | 25.09.2014

    Österreichische Volksbanken-AG has sold Volksbank Malta Ltd. to Mediterranean Bank.

  5. VBLI subsidiaries in Poland and Romania sold | 09.09.2014

    The VBLI subsidiaries in Poland and Romania were sold to the Polish Getin Holding.

  6. VBAG Group: Half year financial result | 28.08.2014

    Preparations for the sale of VB Romania impact VBAG Group’s interim result.

  7. VBAG sold private equity portfolio

    Portfolio sold in several tranches since the end of 2013 - total budget is EUR 110 million

  8. VB Romania closed sale of half a billion Euros of NPL | 28.07.2014

    With this transaction, Volksbank has heavily reduced its NPL ratio to below 8 percent compared to a system average of 24 percent.

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